Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange (KE) is the transfer of knowledge, skills and intellectual property between academia and industry and academia and government. This type of activity also occurs between research disciplines, from industry to academia and between companies along a supply chain.  Government support for Knowledge Exchange aims to increase economic performance by stimulating innovation in UK businesses.

A key concept within KE is the ability to be able to ‘spin in’ and ‘spin out’ technologies. Space/Earth Observation R&D is often viewed as part of a generalised technology roadmap – a ‘spin-along’ model. Here, in addition to spin-out of existing technologies, commercially developed technologies from other areas can be spun-in to meet identified needs. This culminates in a win-win situation for both space and traditional markets.

The CEOI has been working with KE Programme partner Qi3, since 2007. A key focus of this work is to support the transfer of CEOI developed technologies into the broader sensing and analytical sectors, as well as other relevant areas. Increasing engagement with wider communities, within academia and Government, as well as with industry is also a priority. Additionally Qi3 works with individuals to help broker and develop partnerships and collaborations with those wishing to work with the technologies developed within CEOI projects.

Dissemination of CEOIs KE activities has been achieved through various channels and communities, including various Knowledge Transfer Networks (KTNs), the TSB Connect Platform , STFC Innovations Club Newsletters and a number of other relevant communities and networks.

Events also form an important part of the programme, with a Technology showcase held bi-annually and a number of CEOI Challenge Workshops also run each year. These workshops bring together Earth Observation scientists and instrumentation developers with potential users. They aim to increase understanding of user needs and highlight new technologies and applications possibilities.