Industrial Consultation Workshop - UV, Visible and IR Technologies, October 2015

Meeting Objectives - Input from industry on the technical and data needs for future applications & products in IR / Optical / UV instrumentation is essential to guide development of the next generation of Earth observation / remote sensing instruments for space and terrestrial applications. This round-table consultation brought together industry representatives and leading academic researchers in this field. Attendees included Earth space instrumentation researchers and scientists, and senior technical personnel from industry. The main objectives were:

  • illustrate how IR / Optical / UV instrumentation for Earth observation is developing and the research focus for the next generation
  • brainstorm with industry representatives the key technology and data needs for current and future products and services
  • investigate the possibility of brokering relationships with interested parties along the supply chains for promising new applications / markets
  • create opportunities for attendees to network across the different communities

Agenda and Presentations

Welcome and introduction to CEOI-ST

Mick Johnson, CEOI-ST

3 Technical Presentations on EO Sensor & Instrumentation Capabilities in the IR / Optical / UV range.



Prof Andrew Holland, Open University

Dr Roland Leigh, University of Leicester

Dr Andy Vick, STFC Astronomy Technology Centre

Introductions for Attendees


Commercial Needs from Future Earth Observation and Remote Sensing Instruments - Open Discussion


The Report from the meeting has been distributed to attendees.  An Executive Summary is available from the CEOI-ST Director on request.

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