Advance announcement of CEOI 11th Call

The Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation expects to release its Eleventh EO Instrument Technology Call in November 2017, with projects commencing in March 2018. The total budget available from UK Space Agency for the Call will be up to £3.6M, with additional PV funds required from industrial bidders.

The primary aim will be to solicit proposals for flagship projects to advance world-leading UK EO technologies for future operational or commercial missions, with a particular interest in technologies for export. Successful proposals will have identified flight opportunities in the short to medium-term, where targeted investment will significantly improve the likelihood of adoption of the technology by the mission(s). Proposals will need to be aligned to the EO Technology Strategy, to be issued by CEOI in the autumn.

The Call will also invite applications for small support grants by UK led teams preparing proposals for ESA Earth Explorer 10 candidate missions, if the timing is consistent with the expected ESA call for mission proposals.

This Call will be open to industry, UK HEIs and other research organisations. Collaborative proposals involving industrial and other partners of all types will be preferred and there is no restriction on which type of organisation can lead.

The Call will be issued on behalf of the UK Space Agency by the CEOI Partners, who will also manage the selected projects on behalf of the Agency.   Full details of the Call will be available in November.  If you are considering making a bid and would like to discuss this, please contact Chris Brownsword (CEOI Technical Director, or Mick Johnson (Director of CEOI,