Technology Workshops

Emerging Technologies Workshop, May 2017

The CEOI held a 2-day Emerging Technology Conference at Cosener¹s House in Abingdon in May 2017.

CEOI Technology Conference, April 2015

The CEOI-ST held a 2-day Technology Conference at Cosener¹s House in Abingdon in April 2015. This conference was open to all interested parties, and brought together personnel from recent CEOI projects to showcase and discuss their work and its context of science needs, commercial needs and mission opportunities. We also invited NSTP participants who are performing projects related to Earth Observation to attend and present their work as posters.

Space Technology Showcase, November 2014

The Centre for EO Instrumentation and Space Technology (CEOI-ST) hosted its Fourth Biennial Technology Showcase on Thursday 13th November 2014 in London. The Showcase featured the practical outcomes of many years of research, discussing the installations, hardware, software, and results of very different types of Sensor and Instrument Technologies. The Showcase also highlighted new research programmes underway. There were opportunities for attendees to see some of the developments, and to meet the teams.

UAVs for Remote Sensing Workshop, March 2014

The CEOI-ST held a round-table consultation, bringing together industry representatives from the Remote Sensing, GIS and UAV sectors to discuss and provide input on market trends, challenges and opportunities that will inform CEOI-ST’s strategy for the next generation of earth observation / remote sensing instruments.

Remote Sensing Technologies for Earth Observation, March 2013

Final Review for the CEOI 5th Open Call held on behalf of the UK Space Agency

The Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation (CEOI) held its Technology Projects Review Day on behalf of the UK Space Agency, when 19 CEOI projects funded in 2012/13 were presented. These projects are nearing completion and cover a broad range of technologies, instruments and missions important for future Earth observation from space.

Innovations in Remote Sensing Event, January 2013

Remote sensing technologies - opportunities to innovate, license / collaborate / supply

Following on from two successful technology showcase events in 2008 and 2010, the Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation (CEOI) hosted Innovation in Remote Sensing on Wednesday 23rd January 2013, at Hamilton House, NUT, in London. This one day event provided a great opportunity to catch up with the latest Earth observation instrumentation technologies, as well as highlighting potential areas for licensing, collaboration or supply.