The Centre for EO Instrumentation programme of events for 2017, include:

  • Industrial Consultation Workshop (6th April 2017, by invitation)
  • Emerging Technologies Workshop (3rd and 4th May 2017, Cosener's House, Abingdon)
  • Annual conference with NCEO (27-30 June 2017)
  • Technology Roadmapping Workshop (12th October 2017, by invitation).  An element of the CEOI activity is to maintain and deliver technology roadmaps and appropriate technology strategies to implement a long-term vision of technology development in the context of UK industrial capabilities. The aim of this workshop is to provide the first update to these technology roadmaps.  If you would like to find out further information about this event or would be interested in participating, please contact Prof Mick Johnson (CEOI Director) at 
  • Technology Showcase (Thursday 26th October 2017, HO of Satellite Applications Catapult, Harwell)