Joint NCEO/CEOI Conference, June 2017

The CEOI and NCEO held a joint Earth Observation Conference – EO Science and Technologies on 27-30 June 2017, Bath University. 

The conference took place at the University of Bath and showcased the latest science results and technological innovations in Earth Observation. A full programme of networking opportunities was planned including a welcome drinks reception and barbeque on Tuesday 27th June; a poster session with drinks and informal dinner on Wednesday 28th; and on Thursday 28 June a poster session with drinks followed by a formal conference dinner at the historic Roman Baths’ Pump Room.

Full details about the conference venue and final conference programme available here.  There was a full agenda with many talks covering the science and technologies of current and future EO missions, with guest speakers from NASA JPL, ESA and UKSA.

We invited abstract submissions – on science and/or technology – for talks, posters, demonstrations and exhibitions, in the following categories:


  1. The Energy and Water Cycle
  2. Environmental Hazards
  3. Data Assimilation and Models
  4. Climate and Long-term Datasets
  5. Land-Atmosphere Interactions
  6. Ocean and Ice
  7. The Carbon Cycle
  8. Working with Industry and Governments
  9. Facilities, Technologies and Tools
  10. Other related topics not listed above

 EO Programmes, Missions and Technologies





 Mick Johnson and John Remedios


Keynote: Connections between Water, Energy, Carbon and the Earth's Climate

 Graeme Stephens

 NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and University of Reading

Keynote: EO Technology Needs at ESA

Massimiliano Pastena,

Future Studies Technology Development and Frequency Management Engineer

European Space Agency

Keynote: Maximizing the potential of Satellite Earth Observation for the economy, science and society

A new era: 2017 – 2040 

Beth Greenaway

Head of Earth Observation

UK Space Agency

Proposed Satellite to provide global winds, ice water content and rainfall

 Anthony Illingworth

University of Reading 

Update on the LOCUS Breadboard 8th call activity

Giorgio Savini University College London

SEASTAR: a new satellite mission to observe sub-mesoscale ocean dynamics and air/sea coupling

Adrien Martin National Oceanography Centre

Demonstration of a thermal IR Laser Heterodyne Radiometer (LHR) in emission sounding mode

Marko Huebner STFC RAL Space

Post-launch calibration approaches

Emma Woolliams National Physical Laboratory

Miniaturisation of instruments

Andy Vick STFC RAL Space

The Tropical Carbon Mission: Quantifying Tropical Carbon Fluxes from Space

Hartmut Boesch NCEO Leicester

UK Joint GEO/CEOS Office

Sophie Hebden NCEO Leicester

Turning environmental data into competitive advantage

Debbie Clifford Institute for Environmental Analytics

Ecometrica's Earth Observation Labs

Mark Cleverley and Heiko Balzter Ecometrica and NCEO Leicester

NCEO's Frequency Spectrum Activities

Richard Bantges NCEO Imperial College London

Industry-academia links in the BIOMASS mission

Shaun Quegan NCEO Sheffield

RF Sensing from UASs

Yvonne Munro Airbus UK

Spaceborne GNSS-R: results from the UK TechDemoSat-1 mission

Guiseppe Foti and Christine Gommenginger National Oceanography Centre

The "CEOI Technologies in a Nutshell" session, took place in the afternoon of Wednesday 28th June 2017.  Presentations were as follows:





Mick Johnson


COnformal Retro Reflectors for Earth Observation (CORREO)

Keith Morrison

Cranfield University

Laboratory Characterisation of the Radar Signature of Methane Bubbles in Lake Ice

Keith Morrison

Cranfield University

Advances in Frequency Selective Surface technology for Remote Sensing Radiometers

Dr Raymond Dickie

Queen’s University Belfast

HYMAS – Filterbank spectrometers for HYperspectral Microwave Atmospheric Sounding

Ben Flatman

University of Cardiff

Stabilisation of 3.5 THz quantum-cascade laser local oscillators using Schottky diode technology

Giorgio Savini (Presenting on behalf of Dr Alexander Valavanis)


Critical Technology Advancement of the LOCUS Mission: Towards Future Space Flight

Giorgio Savini


Low Cost EO Imaging

Charles Cranstoun


Freeform Gratings for Ultracompact Spectrograph Designs

Dr. Cyril Bourgenot

Durham University

SuperRes-EO: Super-resolution for high resolution EO imaging for targeted and global applications

Yu Tao


A New Generation of Deployable Optical Systems to Increase Small Satellite Capability

Prof Guglielmo Aglietti

Surrey Space Centre, University of Surrey

Embedded electronics for a flight black body (Tim Nightingale and Tom Morse)

Tim Nightingale/Tom Morse


Application of Vantablack® to a large-aperture flight black body

Daniel Peters


The Compact Infrared Imager and Radiometer in a CubeSat

Neil Bowles

University of Oxford