Airborne Demonstrator Opportunities, October 2015.

The CEOI-ST held a 1-day Challenge Workshop on "Airborne Demonstrator Opportunities", at the Astronomy Technology Centre at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, on 7th October 2015. The meeting explored current platforms and opportunities, and current users shared their experience of flying a variety of payloads.

We examined how new users can access these opportunities. Regulatory matters were examined, and we asked the delegates to consider:

* What airborne facilities are currently needed?

* Do current opportunities cover all needs?

* Could the UK instrumentation community benefit from a central brokering facility to enable access?

The agenda is available here.

The workshop was open to all interested parties, and aimed at instrumentation groups seeking to demonstrate their payloads on airborne platforms, prior to targeting a space mission. The meeting was free of charge.

The presentations from the workshop are available through the links in the list below:

Session 1 – Platforms and Opportunities

1. Global Hawk - Platform and Opportunities (Andy Vick, STFC ATC)

2. NERC's Capability for the Provision of Airborne Platforms to Support UK Science (Gary Llewellyn, BAS/NERC)

3. Testing on a Large Manned Aeroplane & EUFAR opportunities (Guy Gratton & Phil Brown, NCAS/FAAM/EUFAR)

4. Small Manned & Unmanned Aircraft - Benefits & Limitations as Demonstration & Evaluation Platforms (Tom Wade, University of Edinburgh)

Session 2 - User Experiences and Issues

5. GHOST & Global Hawk – A Science User Perspective (Paul Palmer, University of Edinburgh)

6. Stratospheric Remote Sensing from the M55 Geophysica (Daniel Gerber, STFC RAL Space)

7. N02 Sensing from Airborne Platforms (Roland Leigh, University of Leicester)

8. Airborne SAR Demonstrator flight trials - Challenges & Opportunities (Geoff Burbidge, Airbus Defence and Space)

Session 3 - Practicalities

9. Flying a Small Camera System at Airborne Research Australia (Richard Cole, UCL/MSSL)

10. Developing & Certificating Aircraft for Use as Scientific Instrument Platforms (Michael West, BAE Systems Regional Aircraft)

11. An Introduction to ISMAR and its Alternative Use as an Airborne Platform for Other Instrumentation (Ian Rule, Met Office)

12. ESA Perspective on Airborne Campaigns for EO (Dirk Schuettemeyer, ESA ESTEC)

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