CEOI Technology Conference 2015, April 2015

The CEOI-ST held a 2-day Technology Conference at Cosener¹s House in Abingdon in April 2015. This conference was open to all interested parties, and brought together personnel from recent CEOI projects to showcase and discuss their work and its context of science needs, commercial needs and mission opportunities. We also invited NSTP participants who are performing projects related to Earth Observation to attend and present their work as posters.

There were sessions on:

  • Recent CEOI Projects
  • EO Convoy and Constellation missions, and their associated instrumentation needs;
  • Emerging technologies for EO instrumentation;
  • UKSA/CEOI-ST initiative to examine opportunities for future national bilateral missions.

In addition to oral sessions, there were poster sessions where this material and other relevant projects was presented. The final agenda can be found here.

Presentations from the Conference are available here:

Session 1: Welcome and Introductions

Welcome from the CEOI-ST Director

Mick Johnson


CEOI Technology Review

Chris Brownsword


Sessions 2 & 3: Recent CEOI Projects

LOCUS: A Low Cost Upper Atmosphere Terahertz Sounder For In-Orbit Demonstration

Edmund Linfield  & Brian Ellison

University Of Leeds/RAL Space

Heavy Ion Radiation Testing of the Large Format Near Infrared Detector

Peter Knowles


Mechanised Alignment for Component Positioning and Joining

Dave Robertson

University Of Glasgow

183 GHz Frequency Selective Surface (FSS)

Raymond Dickie

Queens University Belfast

Contactless Power and Data Transfer for an Instrument Scan Mechanism

Andrew Bacon

Thales Alenia Space (UK) Ltd

WIVERN: A Conically Scanning Dopplerised 94ghz Cloud Radar Mission To Measure Global In-Cloud Winds

Alessandro Battaglia

University Of Leicester

Spectroscopic Measurements with the SHIRM

Olivier Auriacombe

RAL Space & The Open University

TRUTHS Progress

Paul Green

National Physical Laboratory


Meric Srokosz

National Oceanography Centre


Richard Cole


Photon Counting Techniques from Space Science

Jon Lapington

University Of Leicester

SGR-ReSI Latest Results from TDS-1

Martin Unwin

Surrey Space Technology Limited

Session 4: New Projects Poster Sessions (Inc EO NSTP Projects)

Demonstration and Assessment of Laser Heterodyne Radiometry for CO2 Sounding

Alex Hoffmann

RAL Space

Understanding NovaSAR-S

Sam Lavender


Real Time Demonstration of SAR Image Focussing on an FPGA

Alex Wishart

Airbus Defence & Space

CMOS Image Sensors with High Quantum Efficiency

Konstantin Stefanov

Open University

One per Element Radar

David Hall

Airbus Defence & Space

Next Generation SAR Electronics

Mike Gibbons

Airbus Defence & Space

Enabling High Rate Telemetry from EO Missions With HF Comms

Spiros Ventouras

RAL Space

Discussion, Posters & Close of Day 1

Session 5: Convoy and Constellation Missions

ESA Convoy Missions & Technology Needs

Amanda Regan


The NASA Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS) Mission

Marie-Paola Clarizia

University of Michigan/National Oceanographic Centre

The Compact Infrared Imager and Radiometer - Earth System Science from a 6U Cubesat

Neil Bowles

University of Oxford

Session 6: Emerging Technologies

TRUTHS Imager Design

Dan Lobb


Graphene as an Enabler for EO

Jamie Williams

University of Leicester

New Developments in Large Format IR Detectors

Keith Barnes/Peter Knowles


Cold Atom Technologies at ESA

Bruno Leone


Gravity Measurements with Cold Atoms

Tristan Valenzuela-Salazar

RAL Space

Session 7: Future Bilaterals – National and ESA

National Ambitions for EO Bilaterals

Maria Adams


The EOMAG Activity Mick Johnson CEOI-ST

Bilateral Carbon Mission

Hugh Kelliher


UTLS Activities at RAL (SHIRM, STEAMR, ALiSS, MARSCHALS, StratoClim, Micro-FTS

Daniel Gerber

RAL Space

ICEMuSIC – A New THz instrument concept for Climatology and Meteorology Applications

Peter Hargrave

University of Cardiff

OmniSat-HAPI Constellation

Claire Parfitt


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