Emerging Technologies Challenge Workshop, April 2014

The 3rd Emerging Technologies Challenge Workshop was held over the 2 day period 30th April to 1st May 2014 at College Court, Leicester.

The workshop explored scientific and commercial EO measurement challenges, and presented new sensor and instrumentation technology to the community to stimulate novel measurement concepts. The audience consisted of EO scientists, commercial applications engineers and entrepreneurs, and technologists from academia and industry and examined all EO measurement domains.

Presentations from the workshop are available here:

Day 1: 30th April 2014 

Session 1: Welcome and introductions


Mick Johnson


Welcome from the University of Leicester & an Appreciation of Prof George Fraser

Paul Monks


CEOI Technology Review

Chris Brownsword



Session 2: Calibration Technologies

Future standards at NPL from the mm-wave to THz range

James Miall


Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Black Coatings for EO Applications

Theo Theocharous


New Black Body Technologies

Tim Nightingale

RAL Space

Novel THz Detectors & their Power Calibration

Andreas Steiger


Bundesanstalt (PTB)

Carbon Nanotube-Based Absolute Radiometers

John Lehmann

National Institute of Standards

& Technology (NIST)


Session 3: Lasers and LIDAR




Challenges for LIDAR Missions

Iain Woodhouse

University of Edinburgh 


Photon Counting LIDAR

Gerald Buller



Session 4: THz technologies



Quantum Cascade Lasers for THz Heterodyne Sounders

Edmund Linfield

University of Leeds


Instrumentation for 1-5 THz Heterodyne Sounders

Brian Ellison

RAL Space


THz detector & Optics Developments, and Potential for EO Applications

Peter Hargrave

University of Cardif


Session 5: Technologies for Commercial & Operational EO applications

Satellite Observations for Numerical Weather Prediction: Trends & Challenges

Bill Bell

UK Met Office

Space Imaging Optical Technology Challenges

Mike Cutter


Upstream Technologies - The Satellite Applications Catapult view

Chris Brunskill

Satellite Applications Catapult

Day 2: 1st May 2014

EO Technology Needs at ESA

Amanda Regan

European Space Agency

Session 6: Miniaturisation and instrument engineering



Engineering Approaches to Miniaturisation

Mat Beardsley

RAL Space


The Advantages of Using Metal Optics in Instrumentation

David Robertson

University of Durham


Progress In Miniaturising the Laser Heterodyne Radiometer

Damien Wiedmann

RAL Space


Miniature Coolers

Tom Bradshaw

RAL Space


Miniaturisation of Space Systems at Surrey

Craig Underwood

University of Surrey


Optimising Optical Component Performance - the Significance of Opto-Mechanical Design

John Oliver

Glyndwr Innovations Ltd

  Deployable Optics for Very Small Satellites Andy Vick STFC ATC

Session 7: Posters presentations




GHOST - GreenHouse Observations of the Stratosphere & Troposphere

Andy Vick 



Wideband spectrometer, Space processor and Space Fibre

Chris Chaloner 


  Hollow Waveguide Michelson Interferometer Mike Jenkins HollowGuide Ltd

Session 8: Detectors



Developments in Visible Image Sensor Technology for Earth Observation

Paul Jerram



TIR Detectors

Peter Knowles


Session 9: Future trends



Laser Inscription for Fabrication of Optical Elements

Robert Thomson

Heriot Watt


Meta-materials for EO Instrumentation

Ortwin Hess

Imperial College


Novel Ultra-Miniature Technology for Earth Observation and Sensing

Jo Coote



Double Fourier Interferometry at Thermal Wavelengths

Giorigio Savini

University College London

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