UAVs for Remote Sensing Workshop, March 2014

The CEOI-ST held a round-table consultation, bringing together industry representatives from the Remote Sensing, GIS and UAV sectors to discuss and provide input on market trends, challenges and opportunities that will inform CEOI-ST’s strategy for the next generation of earth observation / remote sensing instruments.

Identifying the instrumentation and data needs for future applications and products in the Remote Sensing and GIS sectors is essential to enable timely development of the next generation of Earth observation / remote sensing instruments. In addition, the miniaturisation of remote sensing instruments is converging with the increasing payload capabilities of the rapidly emerging commercial UAV market, enabling the emergence of a whole new range of applications and services.

The workshop aimed to:

• illustrate how Earth Observation instruments are developing and the research focus for the next generation

• brainstorm with industry representatives the key service, technology, and data needs for current and future products and services

• investigate the possibility of brokering relationships with interested parties along the supply chains for promising new applications / markets

• create opportunities for attendees to network across the different communities

The summary report from the meeting is available here