Polar Observing Workshop, November 2016

Held on Friday 4th November 2016, ESA/ECSAT, Harwell

Run jointly by Airbus, British Antarctic Survey and CEOI

In December 2016, ESA’s Council of Ministers sought to approve subscriptions for the Earth Observation Envelope Programme, period 5 (EOEP-5)

The EOEP-5 proposal contains a significant element dealing with the future of polar observations from space, and the UK Space Agency has identified this element as a potentially strong focus for the UK, which may be significant in business planning for the Council of Ministers.

This meeting drew together leading actors from the UK scientific, policy and operational user communities, and from the UK’s infrastructure development community, to provide guidance to the UK Space Agency.  Its aims were to:

  • Elaborate the importance of polar observations from space to science, policy & operations.
  • Assess the gaps in current observations and the opportunities for complementary observations.
  • Confirm the capabilities and interests in UK for the participation in the development & exploitation of polar observations under the ESA programme.

The meeting was introduced by UKSA (Beth Greenaway, Head of Earth Observation) and ESA (Maurice Borgeaud, Head of EO Science, Applications & Future Technologies Department).

Beth Greenway (UKSA)
Programmatic Overview
Maurice Borgeaud (ESA)
Observational needs for Science
Andrew Shepherd (University of Leeds)
Observational needs for Operations

Slides 1-11 of Presentation

Slides 12-19 of Presentation

Colin Grant & Peter Hausknecht (Earth-i)
Observational needs for Policy
Henry Burgess (NERC Artic Office)
Observations Synthesis
Andrew Fleming (British Antartic Survey)
Upstream UK capabilities
Rob Scott (Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation)
Downstream UK capabilities
Samantha Lavender (Pixalytics)

The report from the workshop is available from Alasdhair Beaton at Airbus alasdhair.beaton@airbus.com.  

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