Future Platforms for Earth Observation, February 2013

The CEOI held a Challenge workshop to explore the potential of a range of future platforms for Earth observation on February 28th 2013 at the University of Leicester to work with the community to identify future platform needs and utility. The workshop considered EO and remote sensing from balloons, high altitude platforms, airborne demonstrators, sounding rockets, techdemo-SAT/CAT-SAT type platforms and the international space station. Active participation from the community was encouraged in order to provide future direction.


In the morning session, invited experts provided essential information on the capabilities relevant to EO for each of the platforms. In the afternoon session, in sub-groups, participants were asked to consider the applicability of each of the platform types for specific EO needs.


Introduction (Paul Monks, CEOI/University of Leicester)

1. Airborne Demonstrators (Stuart Newman, Met Office)

2. Balloons (Howard Roscoe, BAS)

3. High Altitude Platforms and UAVs (Tony Sephton, ESA)

4. Sounding Rockets (John Plane, Leeds)

5. UK LEO Demonstrator Platforms (Joanna O'Rourke, Astrium & Victoria O’Donovan, SSTL)

6. International Space Station (Jason Hatton, ESA)