SAR Technology and its Applications Training Workshop, November 2011

The Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation held its third one-day training workshop on "SAR technology and its applications". The workshop took place on Tuesday November 22nd at the International Space Innovation Centre (ISIC), Harwell, Oxfordshire.

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is a major technique for EO of increasing in importance in the UK. Keynote speakers included Shaun Quegan from the University of Sheffield, Thuy le Toan (CESBIO, Toulouse), also David Hall and Martin Cohen from Astrium. These speakers have experience of designing SAR systems and and utilising the data to investigate key problems in Earth Observation.

The workshop built on the highly successful first and second CEOI training workshops and was particularly timely given the importance of SAR in the current European EO portfolio (ENVISAT, Sentinel-1 SAR, BIOMASS). It included presentations from experts on SAR technology, the challenges of designing world class instruments, some core SAR techniques, and EO applications. The workshop included sessions where participants became familiar with packages used to design SAR missions and to examine the trade-offs between scientific, operational and payload value.

The workshop was aimed at both academia and industry including research scientists, technologists and potential instrument PIs, both those anticipating taking on such leadership roles now and also those PDRAs/PhDs and graduates already in industry who may aspire to do so as their careers develop. The workshop was designed to provide valuable insight into the design and application process and to provide an excellent opportunity to network.

Presentations from the workshop are available:

Part I SAR instruments and technology

Perspectives on SAR (Shaun Quegan)

SAR fundamentals (Dave Hall)

Key SAR technologies (Martin Cohen)

Part II: Towards SAR data

SAR physics and capabilities (Thuy Le Toan)

SAR as a measurement device: data, images and interferometry (Shaun Quegan)

Part III: SAR Mission Design Workshop

An introduction to the workshop

Workshop: Designing a SAR mission

Presentation of model results.

Part IV: SAR and its applications

SAR quiz: the answers

SAR applications (Thuy Le Toan)