Earth Watch Mission Studies

In early 2018, the CEOI, on behalf of the UK Space Agency and with support from the EO community, compiled a list of EO mission and instrument concepts which are of importance to the UK, are near flight-ready and could be taken forward to implementation should a national or international funding opportunity arise.
The missions were assessed in March/April 2018 by the EO Mission Capability Review (EOMCR) Panel, a working group of the EO Advisory Committee. The EOMCR Panel recommended that additional studies should be undertaken to develop these concepts and their business cases, which would support an application for future mission-level funding.

Five missions which were considered ready to move towards implementation as potential Earth Watch missions were selected by a UK Space Agency Panel. The resulting studies had the objective to provide inputs into a UK Space Agency business case to secure funding for a potential future EarthWatch mission which could be proposed by the UK at the ESA Council of Ministers in 2019.

Summary reports from the five mission studies are available here: