National EO Week 2021

In Partnership with Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society (RSPSoc) and National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO)

Our virtual event brought together world leading scientists in Earth Observation to discuss climate and environmental science and innovation.  Plenary events included keynote speakers and special sessions on climate and COP26, health and the pandemic and disaster management, including sessions for early and mid-career scientists.

CEOI would like to thank all those who presented and attended the event. To view presentations from the CEOI sessions, please click on the links in the table below:

Christine GommengingerSEASTAR: the EE11 mission to observe small-scale ocean surface dynamics and vertical ocean processes in coastal, shelf and polar seas NOC
Anthony Illingworth
Alessandro Battaglia
WIVERN: An EE11 mission for observing global winds, clouds and precipitationUniversity of Reading / University of Leicester
Martyn Chipperfield Satellite Observations of Atmospheric Pollution and Their Value for Informing PolicyUniversity of Leeds
Martin UnwinThe Scout-2 HydroGNSS GNSS Reflectometry MissionSurrey Satellite Technology Ltd
Florian DeconinckNanoMagSat, a space network to monitor the Earth magnetic field and ionospheric environmentOpen Cosmos
Josep RoselloSmallsat Missions/Instruments for Future EO in
the ESA Landscape
Part 1
Part 2
Janet CharltonA Microwave Radiometer for the Sentinel-3 Next Generation Topography (S3-NGT) MissionJCR Systems Ltd
Manju HenryHyperspectral Microwave Sounder Constellation of Nano Satellites for Climate Change and Mitigation
Part 1
Part 2
Harbinder RanaHow healthy are our Oceans?SSTL
James EndicottTreeView: Precision Forestry for a Nature-Based Solution to Climate ChangeOpen University
Adina GillespieHigh-Resolution Satellite Monitoring for Methane EmissionsGHGSAT
Ian ParryHigh Resolution Thermal Infrared Space Telescopes for Globally Monitoring the Energy Efficiency of BuildingsUniversity of Cambridge
Sergio SalataSHRIMP: cubeSat High-Resolution IMaging with PropulsionAVS UK
Andrew HaslehurstPrecision, an ultra-high resolution satellite
Part 1
Part 2
Tom Greig
Jeroen Capaert
Spire Global UK Nanosatellite Technology Developments for Earth Intelligence Applications
Part 1
Part 2
Spire Global UK Limited
Dmitry ZelenchukLiquid crystal antennas for Earth ObservationQueens University Belfast
Juan Reveles Development of a Novel X-band Cassegrain Deployable ‘Wrapped Rib’ SAR Antenna for Smallsats PlatformsOxford Space Systems
Manfred Hamburgo-FragosoLow-Cost Multi-Mode SAR Constellation for Short-Repeat Arctic Maritime SurveillanceCranfield University
Emal RumiBARODAR: Global Surface Air-Pressure Mission using Differential Absorption RadarSTFC UKRI
Alessandro BattagliaG-band Radars: Status and Opportunities for Future Space MissionsUniversity of Leicester