CEOI-ST Call for Mission and Technology Preparation Activities for ESA Earth Explorer 9, Q3 2015

The Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation and Space Technology announced on behalf of the UK Space Agency, a Call for Mission and Technology Preparation activities for the ESA Call for Proposals for Earth Explorer 9.  The total budget available for the Call is up to £1M.  Additional PV funds may be required from industrial bidders. Proposals were due for submission by 30th October 2015

The Call is now closed, new projects have been funded and are underway.

Bidders should provide CEOI-ST with notification of their intention to bid into this call by 12.00 noon on 19th August 2015, as described in the Announcement of Opportunity (AofO) document. This information will be held in strict confidence. It will assist in the efficient evaluation of bids and ensure that bidders can receive any related information during the bid period.

Full details of the Open Call are contained in the ‘Announcement of Opportunity’ document, which is available here, together with the other bid documents:

Full bids must conform with the requirements in the Announcement of Opportunity (AofO) document.  Proposals must be submitted by noon on 30th October 2015.