EO Missions

This section describes studies carried out for potential future EO missions.

Studies of Potential Earth Watch Missions

Five missions were considered by UK Space Agency in early 2019 as potential Earth Watch missions. The CEOI funded studies had the objective to provide inputs into a UK Space Agency business case to secure funding for a potential future EarthWatch mission. Summary reports from the five mission studies are available on this page.

UK Earth Observation Missions Capability Review 2018

The UK Space Agency and its EO Advisory Committee are carrying out a UK Earth Observation Missions Capability Review.  The UK Space Agency is seeking to compile a catalogue of EO mission and instrument concepts, to allow opportunistic or strategic support for missions.  The scope of this current activity is to build a list of potential EO missions or instruments that are near flight-ready.  The end users could be commercial, public policy or academic.

For further information and the report from the UK Earth Observation Missions Capability Review 2018, please click here

Previous mission studies carried out as CEOI projects include: