CEOI Call for Short-term EO Technology Preparation and Facility Enhancements

On behalf of the UK Space Agency, the Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation (CEOI) invites proposals covering urgent and short-term developments in two categories:

  • Short EO technology projects needing urgent TRL raising of instrumentation to address the upcoming ESA Scout, Earth Explorer (11 and 12) competitions and/or National EO missions which require urgent TRL raising.
  • Rapid enhancements to facilities in support of space EO for e.g., testing, calibration, and validation of instrumentation, such as in support of the above or other urgent mission-related requirement.

In both categories, the projects must be completed by 31st March 2023. The total budget for the call is ~£400k. We are looking for projects between £50k and £200k that can complete before 31st March 2023.

Full proposals are due for submission by 25th November 2022 at noon.

The Call is open to industry, HEIs and other research organisations based in the UK. Collaborative proposals involving industrial and other partners of all types are strongly encouraged. Proposals should be aligned with relevant national strategies, details of which can be found in the Reference Documents section of the Announcement of Opportunity document.

Notification of Intention to Bid

Applicants are required to notify CEOI of their intention to bid by email to the CEOI Call Administrator Charlotte Moretti,, using the pro-forma on the CEOI website, by 11th November 2022 at noon.

The purpose of this is to gauge the size of the response and to inform the selection of reviewers. The notification and information therein will be held in confidence as described in Section 9.

Application Documents

Please note: Templates are provided for Annexes B2 and B3.  No templates are provided for Annexes A1, A2, B1, C1 or D1.

Deadline DateDeadline TimeApplication Stage
11th November 202212:00 (Noon)Intention to Bid
25th November 202212:00 (Noon)Proposal Due
Early December Proposal Selection
31st March 2023Projects Completed