Optical Spectroscopy

MEMS-based spectrometers for ultra-miniature space-borne hyperspectral remote sounders

Pathfinder – 10th Call (Completed 2019)
Lead Organisation: STFC RALSpace

This project focuses on assessing near infrared (NIR) photonics technologies associated with micro-electro-mechanicals systems (MEMS), produced through silicon lithography and photonics technologies. More specifically, the feasibility of MEMS-based Fourier Transform Spectrometers (FTS) for greenhouse gas sounding is investigated through preliminary modelling and technology assessment in the laboratory.

Freeform Gratings for Ultra-compact Spectrograph Designs

Pathfinder – 10th Call (Completed 2018)
Lead Organisation: Durham University

Durham University has developed a new instrument concept, based on technologies imported from astronomical instrumentation, to improve and miniaturise hyperspectral imagers.

Development of Integral Field Unit (IFU) Spectrometers

Lead Organisation: UK Astronomy Technology Centre partnered by University of Edinburgh

A team from the UK Astronomy Technology Centre working with the University of Edinburgh has investigated the improvements possible through the use of image slicers, a technology capable of providing increased sensitivity and resolution over existing systems. The technique uses internationally leading UK technology developed for astronomical space missions and applying it to future Earth observation.

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