ESA Bid Writing Workshops (February / March 2024)

We are excited to announce that the ESA Bid Writing Workshops are back! Tickets are available.

Please see links and dates here (more information also below these links):

  1. 19th February – Cardiff – Link to Eventbrite
  2. 4th March – York – Link to Eventbrite
  3. 5th March – Ipswich – Link to Eventbrite

Please remember that there is also an ESA 101 session in Bristol on 16th February – Link here.

The Bid Writing workshops aim to equip UK companies and organisations with the essential skills and knowledge required to analyse and respond to ESA Invitations to Tender (ITTs).

During the sessions, participants will gain valuable insights into the intricacies of ESA ITTs. They will learn to dissect and comprehend an example ESA Statement of Work and, more importantly, how to craft a compelling proposal that addresses it. With guidance from an experienced ESA instructor, participants will have the opportunity to consider an example proposal and the main aspects that would be assessed by an ESA Tender Evaluation Board (TEB).

This comprehensive experience will equip participants with a solid understanding of navigating the ESA ITT process successfully. They will learn to identify all the necessary elements expected in an ESA proposal and, equally important, how to avoid common pitfalls that may arise. By the end of the workshops, attendees will possess core skills essential for crafting responses to future ESA ITTs.