Partnership Opportunities for CEOI 13th EO Call

To encourage bids from new partnerships, the following organisations are (1) looking for potential partners or (2) would like to be considered as a potential partner in a bid led by another organisation..  Please contact the organisations directly

(1) Organisations looking for a potential partner (seeking):

Organisation and Contact DetailsTitle of Project / Capability / Area of InterestCapabilities Sought
Spire Global UK Ltd
Dan Isaac
Hina Kahn
Advanced Cubesat-based Soil Moisture Sensor using [Reflectometry] Signals of OpportunityEntity that has performed research & development in the domain of reflectometry, using space-based signals of opportunity.

(2) Organisations that would like to be considered as a potential partner in a bid led by another organisation (could offer):

Organisation and Contact DetailsTitle of
Project/Capability/Area of Interest
Capabilities Offered
Alberto Garbayo
07754 420 592
01235 56 7095
High-tech specialised SME.
Existing provider to CubeSat, smallsat and GEO primes.
AVS is the perfect technological partner to end-users and primes that are developing new EO instruments. We can provide full support throughout the development.
- Mechanical / Design / Analysis Engineering
- Systems Engineering
- Drive electronics
- Project Engineering
- ISO 6/7/8/9 clean room assemblies
- EN9100 QA/PA
Full development of:
- Mechatronic systems
- Opto-mechatronic systems
- On-board calibration mechanisms
- Scanning mirror mechanisms
- Shutters
- Mechanical assemblies
- Opto-mechanical assemblies
- Space mechanisms
- Deployable mechanisms
- Hold-down release mechanisms
- Electric Propulsion thrusters
- Water propulsion
Micross Com
Juan Bevan
07584 659706
Microelectronics components for SpaceMicross components offers a range of back-end semiconductor processes and solutions specialising in the development and qualification of microelectronic devices for Space applications. With a wealth of experience in designing, manufacturing and qualifying microelectronic devices for ESA and commercial space programmes, Micross is well positioned to support Earth Observation missions as it has already supplied flight components to over a dozen of EO satellite programmes like Swarm, Sentinel, Tropomi, Jason CS and others. All design; manufacturing and electrical test and characterisation activities are located in our UK facility based in Norwich, Norfolk.
In-Space Missions Limited
Doug Liddle
07984 097736
• Cost competitive hosted flights of payloads to gain flight heritage via payload characterisation and data collection; and early revenue generation & market testing.
• General engineering support.
In-Space offers a turnkey service encompassing payload development support; integration of payload into the spacecraft; system testing; licensing; launch; commissioning; on-orbit operations (6 months included in ticket price); secure data delivery; and everything in-between.

The service uses a 6U/8U cubesat platform – 1st launch in March ’20. A much higher performance, 2nd gen microsat (up to 50kg payloads) service is being developed under an ESA programme with launch in 2022. Typical prices are ~£100-200k /kg depending on payload reqs and launch date.

In-Space also has >150 engineer-years of experience in building space missions and can support programmes technically.
Athena Space Limited
Dr Talini Pinto Jayawardena
07912 174027
Satellite launch services brokerSupplier to act as a launch services broker to enable small satellites access to LEO orbits.
Open Cosmos Ltd.
Suzanne Collins
Bid and Partnership Manager
07775 783910
Capabilities: Cubesat-based missions, space mission definition, development tools for payloads and space missions.- Mission simulator: cloud-based mission and system simulator software.
- Platform emulator: physical kit emulating the structural, power and electrical interface of the satellite. (available in 3U, 6U and 12U). It can be used for payload developers for preliminary validation of payload-platform interfaces, as well as running test campaigns of the payload. It can be connected to the mission simulator to simulate a first concept of operations (power, ground station visibility, target areas, etc) for Hardware-in-the-Loop tests.
- Mission definition document: OC has expertise in running ESA projects using CubeSats and can provide the necessary definition of the different segments (satellite, launch, operations)