ESA EO Science Strategy Review Workshop

The ESA EO Science Strategy Review Workshop is taking place 8th and 9th May in ESRIN.  Ahead of that UKSA have asked for input on key items in the draft strategy in order to formulate a UK response.  ESA have now released their latest draft of the EO Science Strategy 2040 that they have shared ahead of the upcoming ‘EO Science Strategy Review workshop 2024’ (7th-8th May 24).  To ensure we can effectively feedback the UK’s views, I would be grateful if you could send back any comments/feedback on major items by email to Svetlana Zolotikova by 17:00 Friday 3rd of May.  The email address to send to is

Sections particularly of interest to the CEOI community might include:

  • A4 Filling Critical Observation Gaps: preparing for tomorrow starts today
  • Building strong STEM Education, training and outreach
  • Exploring EO science links with Commercial Space

Again, it is major comments or gaps that we are seeking, as input to what will ultimately be a brief strategy document to ensure key perspectives from the UK are captured, not minor comments or suggestions.

This is an important opportunity to feed into the next phase of ESA EO science strategy.