Infra-Red Imaging

Proton radiation testing of Leonardo large format MCT arrays

Fast Track – 10th Call (Completed 2018)
Lead by Leonardo MW Ltd.

The proposed work is aimed at raising the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of the NIR and SWIR large format arrays developed for ESA, using a radiation hard cell library in 0.35 micron CMOS silicon and enabled for avalanche photodiode operation. This will provide valuable evidence for de-risking the use of these devices and others yet to be developed in the same CMOS technology, for future earth observation missions such as those proposed for ESA Earth Explorer 9 and 10.

Hyperspectral High Resolution Thermal Imager

Pathfinder – 10th Call (Completed 2019)
Lead by STFC RAL Space partnered by University of Leicester

The University of Leicester has analysed and summarised science-led applications that would benefit from a high spatial and spectral resolution thermal infrared imaging spectrometer.

High Performance Pyroelectric Detectors for Space-Based Instruments

Pathfinder – 10th Call (Completed 2018)
Lead by Leonardo MW Ltd

A technology development activity for enhanced performance uncooled pyroelectric detectors to be used in space-based EO instruments. The objective of this programme of work is to demonstrate a significant improvement in the detectivity of pyroelectric detectors through the use of an alternative material composition.

Application of a New Detector Processing Technique for Space-borne Fire Measurement and Monitoring

Lead by SSTL partnered by Kings College London

This seedcorn project will explore new processing techniques and the performance of new broadband uncooled detectors to assess the feasibility of achieving adequate performance at much lower cost.

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