Joint NCEO/CEOI Conference on EO Science, Missions and Technology

The joint NCEO/CEOI Conference on EO Science, Missions and Technology took place as an e-conference using Adobe Connect on Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th June. It was a great opportunity to find out about recent advances in EO science, missions and technology.  CEOI would like to thank all those who presented. Please click on the links below for the CEOI presentations.

The Conference Programme is available to view here.

Session 2 - Introduction and Keynote Speaker
CHAIR: Chris Brownsword (CEOI)
Keynote speaker: Prof Kai BongsUK National Quantum Technology Hub for Sensors & MetrologyQuantum Technology for a Future Gravity Mission
Chris Brownsword CEOIIntroduction to Technology Projects
Keith BarnesLeonardo MW LtdLeonardo MW infrared detector developments - Dark Carb Study
Dave SmithSTFC RAL SpaceNext Generation Infrared Calibration Sources (NGenIRS)
Neil BowlesOxfordThe Compact Imaging Infrared Radiometer (CIIR) Programme
Mitchell KenneyGlasgowNanostructured Ultra-Lightweight Lenses for Earth Observation
Daniel OiStrathclydeCompact Multispectral Imager for Nanosatellites
Benjamin TaylorSurrey Space CentreFast Slew Gimbaled Optics for Real-time EO
Owen HawkinsEarth-i LimitedOVERPaSS: On-board VidEo Rapid ProceSSing
Steve GreenlandCraft ProspectAutonomy Assurance for Small Earth Observation Missions
Peter HuggardSTFC RAL SpaceGRaCE: G-band Radar for Cloud Evaluation
Manju HenrySTFC RAL SpaceSpectroscopic-system for EnviRonmental MONitoring (SERMON)
Peter HargraveCardiffUltra-Lightweight Metamaterial Optics For Earth Observation Applications (META-TEL)
Chris ThomasCambridgeAdvanced Filterbank Spectrometer Technology for Hyperspectral mm-Wave Atmospheric Sounding
Nick RidlerNational Physical LaboratoryPolymer-based 3D Printing for Atmospheric science - multi-channel mm sounder (3DPAMS)
Tony HoltIn-Space Missions LtdBabel PD4 – Software defined radio for sensing microwave emissions
Session 3 – Welcome from Mick Johnson CEOI
CHAIR: Jolyon Reburn (STFC) and Richard Bantges (Imperial)
Part 1: Introduction to session
Mick JohnsonCEOIOutline of the ESA earth Explorer 11 Call
Part 2: Update on Missions led from UK
Stephen HobbsCranfieldEE10 Candidate: Hydro-Terra
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Helen BrindleyImperialEE9: FORUM
Part 3: EE11 Mission Proposals
Anthony IllingworthReadingWIVERN
Christine GommengingerNOCSEASTAR
Daniel GerberRALLOCUS
Kees van den DoelAdrok Ltd ADROK
Part 4: Other missions
Martin UnwinSSTLESA Scout Mission Proposal: HydroGNSS
Andrew HaslehurstSSTLPayloads for SmallSat Missions: Science on small platforms – ESA commissioned study
Marton Kiss-Toth
Mike Salter
Teledyne e2v
STFC – RAL Space)
Future EO: Concept for a Cold Atom Gravity Explorer (CAGE) Mission