CEOI Call for Mission & Technology Preparation Activities for ESA Earth Explorer 12

Call Description

On behalf of the UK Space Agency, the Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation (CEOI) invites proposals for activities in support of the ESA Earth Explorer 12 (EE12) Call for Mission Proposals, which is open now, and for which proposals to ESA are required by 29th September of this year.

This Call is aimed at helping UK organisations improve their response to the ESA EE12 Call.  

Eligible support activities include funding to:

  • Improve the mission and satellite design.
  • Improve the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of key enabling technologies.
  • Improve the Science Readiness Level (SRL).
  • Provision of a critical friend review of the near complete draft proposal.

The Call is looking for proposals that will consolidate the scientific and technology teaming, strengthen the arguments that the mission meets the ESA objectives and mature the under-pinning technology.  

Proposals submitted to the CEOI call could include activities to:

  • Develop a credible mission and satellite design concept, and a high level estimated cost breakdown, which can be supported by industrial verification.
  • Demonstrate (e.g., by analysis of key mission technology needs and describing in detail a credible plan of technology development) that all mission critical technologies can achieve TRL-5 by the end of the ESA Phase B1.
  • Undertake urgent technology development activities designed to de-risk and/or mature UK developed technologies considered critical to the proposed mission. However, proposals need to demonstrate any technology development work.
  • Improve the science credibility of the concept, showing that an SRL of 4 can be achieved by the end of Phase 0 and a minimum of SRL 5 at the end of Phase A.

Application Documents

Zip File with Application Documents

The File contains the following documents

  • Call Guidance
  • Application documents:
    • Annex A – Intention to Bid
    • Annex B – Application Form
    • Annex B2 – Risk Table
    • Annex B3 – Work Package
    • Cost Schedule
  • For reference:
    • CEOI Grant Template
    • CEOI Onward monitoring form
    • CEOI Model Technology Agreement (Teaming Agreement)
    • Milestone Payment Plan

Response Timetable

Deadline DateDeadline TimeApplication Stage
14th April 202314:00Call released
28th April 202312:00 (Noon)Intention to Bid
15th May 202312:00 (Noon)Proposal Due
Early JuneReview
29th September 2023ESA deadline

Contact the CEOI Team

For general administrative matters related to this bid, please email

For queries about the call, please refer to Page 13 of the call guidance (PDF).

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