CEOI 10th Call for EO Technology and Instrumentation Development Proposals, Q1 2017

The Centre for EO Instrumentation (CEOI) announced the release of the Tenth CEOI Call for EO Technology and Instrument Development Proposals in January 2017. The total budget available for the Call was £2M, with additional PV funds required from industrial bidders. Proposals were due for submission by 28th February 2017.

The Call is now closed, new projects have been funded and are underway.

Project Summaries of EO Technology and Instrument Development projects funded in the CEOI 10th Call are available here

The CEOI is looking for proposals from consortia of industrial and academic partners, from both the space and non-space sectors, to develop technologies for the next generation of Earth observation instrumentation. The total budget available for the Call is up to £2M, with additional PV funds required from industrial bidders. Proposals are due for submission by noon on 28th February 2017.

The Call will offer grant funding for three themes:
  • New and innovative ideas for EO technology development
  • Achieving higher TRL through airborne demonstration
  • Development of EO CubeSat flight model payloads aimed at potential commercial services

The CEOI CubeSat payload theme is linked to the In Orbit Demonstration programme recently announced by the Satellite Applications Catapult, with funding from Innovate UK. The intention is that, subject to final agreement by UK Space Agency and the Catapult, projects funded under this CEOI Call theme can develop payloads to the point where they will be eligible for a flight opportunity as a CubeSat in-orbit demonstration.

The primary selection criteria in all themes will be:

  • Strategic importance including business/exploitation plan;
  • Technological excellence;
  • Project management; and
  • Value for money.

This Call is open to UK HEIs, other research organisations and industry. Collaborative proposals involving industrial and other partners of all types are strongly encouraged and there is no restriction on which type of organisation can lead. We would particularly like to encourage teams that include partners new to space. We have been contacted by a number of organisations who would be interested in joining a bidding team, including the Environment Agency, Home Office Centre for Applied Science & Technology (CAST), Beck Optronic Solutions and Environment Systems.  Please contact Mick Johnson if you would like to be put in touch with any of these organisations to investigate common interests or possible joint bids.

Bidders should provide CEOI-ST with notification of their intention to bid into this call by 12.00 noon on 2nd February 2017, as described in the Announcement of Opportunity (AofO) document. This information will be held in strict confidence. It will assist in the efficient evaluation of bids and ensure that bidders can receive any related information during the bid period.

Full details of the Open Call are contained in the ‘Announcement of Opportunity’ document, which is available here, together with the other bid documents:

The Call is issued on behalf of the UK Space Agency by the CEOI Partners, who will also manage the selected projects on behalf of the Agency.

The CEOI expects to issue another call later in 2017 focussed on strategic themes.

For further information on any aspect of the 10th CEOI Call, please contact Chris Brownsword, CEOI Technical Director.