Emerging Technologies Challenge Workshop

The UK Space Agency’s Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation held its biennial Emerging Technologies Challenge Workshop on the 21st and 22nd April this year. We covered advances in instruments and measurement techniques for Earth sensing with microwave, radar, lidar, optical and infrared systems, as well as new techniques for gravity sensing.

To view the presentations, please click on the links in the table below.

Session 1: Welcome & Introduction
IntroductionMick JohnsonCEOI
UKSA Welcome & NewsBeth GreenawayUKSA
Session 2: Detector Technology
How CEOI funded work is supporting DarkCarbAndrew HaslehurstSSTL
Latest Detector Developments in IRMatthew HicksLeonardo
Latest Detector Developments in UV/VIS & IRDavid MorrisTeledyne e2v
HYMAS-X: Superconducting On-Chip Filterbank Spectrometers for Hyperspectral Microwave Atmospheric SoundingChris ThomasUniversity of Cambridge
Session 3: Advanced Optics & Deployable
Deployable Optics & TIR ImagingIan ParryIOA Cambridge
The STAR-CC-OGSE System for Pre-Flight Sensor CalibrationSean DevlinNPL
Deployable Optics Technology at UK ATCNoah SchwartzSTFC UK ATC
Benefits of Freeform Surfaces for Space Optical SystemsCyril BourgenotCFAI University of
Session 4: New Payloads & Missions
BARODAR: Mission & Radar Instrument Design For Global Surface Air-Pressure ObservationEmal RumiRAL Space
TREEVIEW: Precision Forestry to Tackle Climate ChangeKadmiel MaseykThe Open University
NIMCAM: A Compact Multispectral Instrument for Detection of Fugitive Methane Emissions at High Spatial ResolutionJerome WoodwarkUniversity of Edinburgh
Spaceborne Global Wind Measurements for Meteorology: A Combined Package of Lidar & Passive Instruments.David ReesParadigm Systems LTD
Geosynchronous SAR Technology - Learning from HydroterraSteve HobbsCranfield University
Carbon Nanotube Technologies - Microfabricated Bolometers – Absolute RadiometryJohn LehmannNIST
Session 5: AI Techniques
Onboard Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies for Earth ObservationEmma JonesRhea Group
Session 6: International
ESA Perspectives on EO Technology
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Josep RoselloESA
Session 7: Challenges
Current Environment Agency ChallengesJohn Kupiec Environment Agency
Session 8: Advances in Lidar for EO
Lidar For HAPS - Towards 3D Lidar From NearspacePeter KeightleyQinetiq
Spacebourne Lidar: Current Missions & a Roadmap to Increased CoverageSteve HancockUniversity of Edinburgh
Novel Lidar & Remote Sensing Techniques at Fraunhofer CAPGerald BonnerFraunhofer CAP
Correlation Wind Lidar with PMT Detector Array and Photon-Counting Test Bead ResultsErrico ArmandilloEventech
Session 9: New & Emerging Techniques
LEGO: Stabilised Lasers for Earth Gravity ObservationChris Bridges / Peter Nisbet-JonesUniversity of Surrey / Twin Paradox
Vantablack Coatings For Space Applications - Key Design ConsiderationsSteve NorthamSurrey Nanosystems
Cold Atom Accelerometry for Atmospheric Density MeasurementSteve MaddoxTeledyne e2v
Development of Advanced Terahertz Optics using Liquid Crystals & Additive ManufacturingAlexander ValavanisUniversity of Leeds
Distributed RF Apertures: Challenges &Opportunities from both On-Orbit Technology & PED StandpointClaire MorrisDSTL

Any queries regarding the meeting, please email the meeting organiser Rob Scott rob.scott@stfc.ac.uk or Charlotte Moretti cm738@leicester.ac.uk at the University of Leicester.