CEOI Call for proposals for Mission Concept Development Activities for ESA Earth Explorer 10, October 2017

The Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation (CEOI) invited proposals to develop innovative and scientifically excellent EO mission concepts, directed at strengthening the UK response to the ESA Earth Explorer 10 (EE10) Call for Mission Ideas.  The total budget available for the Call was up to £250K, with additional PV funds required from industrial bidders. Proposals were due for submission by 25th October 2017.

The Call is now closed, new projects have been funded and are underway.

This CEOI Call is aimed at strengthening the response from UK teams to the ESA EE10 Call in terms of:

  • Improving the science credibility of the concept and showing that an SRL of 5 can be achieved at the end of ESA Phase A
  • Developing a credible mission concept and satellite design concept, supported by industrial verification
  • Demonstrating that all mission critical technologies will achieve TRL-5 by the end of the ESA Phase B1

The funding should be used to develop and consolidate the scientific and technology teaming and strengthen the arguments that the mission meets the ESA objectives. The activities should be designed to improve the case for UK-led candidate missions.  All proposals into this CEOI Call must be led by a UK PI or Co-PI who intends to submit a proposal into the ESA EE10 Mission Call.

The Call is open to UK HEIs, other research organisations and industry.  Collaborative proposals involving industrial and other partners of all types are strongly encouraged and there is no restriction on which type of organisation can lead. The total budget available for the Call is up to £250K.

Bidders should provide CEOI with notification of their intention to bid into this call by noon on 11th October 2017.  This will assist in the efficient evaluation of bids and ensure bidders can receive any related information during the bid period.

Full proposals are due for submission by noon on 25th October 2017.

All information will be held in strict confidence.

Full details of the Open Call are contained in the ‘Announcement of Opportunity’ document, which is available here, together with the other bid documents.

The Call is issued on behalf of the UK Space Agency by the CEOI Partners, who will also manage the selected projects on behalf of the Agency.

For further information on any aspect of the CEOI Call for Proposals for Mission Concept Development Activities for ESA Earth Explorer 10, please contact Chris Brownsword, CEOI Technical Director.