CEOI 16th Call for EO Technology and Instrument Development Proposals

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Released on the 14th May 2024

On behalf of the UK Space Agency (UKSA, the Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation (CEOI) is pleased to announce a 16th Open Call for instrument development proposals aimed at significantly accelerating instrument concepts which are new or currently in development. Resulting projects are expected to begin in late summer early autumn 2023 and must be complete by 31st March 2025. We welcome small Pathfinder and intermediate Fast Track projects, as in previous Calls, as well as large Flagship projects to accelerate instrument concepts. Focus can be scientific, operational and/or commercial. Furthermore, technologies that have applications beyond climate monitoring and the environment (e.g., other civil applications, defence dual use) are also encouraged. As before, the guiding principles for the selection of proposals will be science excellence, societal impact, and/or commercial potential, but will also consider feasibility and affordability.

The CEOI has the objective to realise an excellent, internationally competitive, national Earth observation instrument technology research and development programme. It achieves this by building UK academic and industrial capability in EO, and by funding the development of advanced EO instrumentation through a series of themed and open calls.

Closing Date: Monday 18th September 2023 at noon Thursday 28th September 2023 at noon

The Call was released on Wednesday 2nd August 2023 with a closing date of Monday 18th September 2023 at noon Thursday 28th September 2023 at noon.

We will try to compress the assessment period but we’re looking at probably delaying the project start date to late October / early November.


Virtual Briefing for Potential Bidders
Virtual Meeting held on the 15th August 2023 from 10:00 to 12:00

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Applicants are required to notify CEOI of their intention to bid by email to the CEOI Call Administrator using the pro-forma at Section 12, by 25th August 2023 at noon. The purpose of this is to gauge the size of the response and to inform the selection of reviewers. The notification and information therein will be held in confidence as described in Section 9. Note that failure to submit the intention to bid, does not exclude you from bidding.

Note that if you are unable to bid due to for example: lack of resource, lack of facilities, or lack of access to matched funding, please submit the form and tell us the reasons that you are not bidding into this round.

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Application Documents:

Application Form

Intention to Bid

Risk Table

Subsidy Control Declaration Form

Work Package Template

Cost Schedule