Partnership Opportunities for CEOI 12th EO Call

To encourage bids from new partnerships, the following organisations are (1) looking for potential partners or (2) would like to be considered as a potential partner in a bid led by another organisation..  Please contact the organisations directly.

(1) Organisations looking for a potential partner (seeking):

Organisation and Contact DetailsTitle of Project / Capability / Area of InterestCapabilities Sought

(2) Organisations that would like to be considered as a potential partner in a bid led by another organisation (could offer):

Organisation and Contact DetailsTitle of Project / Capability / Area of InterestCapabilities Offered
TTP plc
Dr Chris Hole
01763 262626
Satellite communications and sensor technology developmentTTP has carried out extensive development of data communications systems and technology for satellite ground terminals providing deep capability & experience in technology at aggressive price points for satellite operators whose skills are more focussed on high reliability.
TTP also has strong capability in sensor development and thermal management including:
• remote sensing
• onboard condition monitoring
• high accuracy thermal sensing and control
• Advanced image processing and pattern recognition
Our business model is principally fees-for-time with transfer of designs and IP to our customers. In some key areas we also have important background IP which we can license as the foundation of an application specific
Tariq Sami,
Sales Director
+44 7833 161 039
Nanosatellite Busses and PlatformsWe can support spaceborne demonstration for EO payloads and flatsats with Hardware in the Loop ground test
Open Cosmos
Florian Deconinck
07 501 225 879
We offer space missions as a service for payloads looking for platforms with co-development of the payload, launch and regulation, as well as operationsOpen Cosmos provides turnkey small satellite missions from mission definition, payload development support, satellite AITV, launch and licensing to operations.
We propose three solutions:
- mission definition using beeApp. This a mission definition software (power and link budgets, visibility, coverage, etc).
- payload development kit using beeKit. This is an engineering model of the platform for instrument design, test and qualification. It includes the above beeApp service for hardware-in-the-loop testing.
- beeSat, a modular 3U-6U-12U reliable nanosatellite platform.

The beeApp and beeKit fit easily within the budget of Fast Track or Pathfinder.
A full 3U mission can be accommodated within the Flagship funding.
Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult
Mark Goossens,, 07442198976
Development of advanced remote sensing technology via advances in sources or detectors based on compound semiconductorsThe CSA Catapult is able to provide technical assistance and market/feasibility study scoping support for projects which aim to develop advanced remote sensing solutions using compound semiconductors (CS), be it’s the sources such as VECSELs or detectors (such as the development of InGaAs SPADS for instance). The CSA Catapult has a large technical team capable of supporting the design and development of CS enabled LIDAR systems, multi/hyper-spectral imaging systems, spectroscometer designs and the evaluation/characterisation of sources/detectors. For feasibility/market studies the team can aid in scoping studies of new technologies or modelling/simulation support
Dr. Rajan Bedi
Tel. 07769 535756
Space-Electronics Design ServicesSpacechips is a UK-based, global space electronics company serving 70 customers in 23 countries. Spacechips can develop and deliver bespoke space electronics as well as advising which components to select, how to design, test, assemble and manufacture space electronics. We can offer solutions using fully-qualified parts, low-cost COTS components as well as export-free options.
Spacechips would be pleased to partner and contribute its expertise and experience to teams bidding for CEOI calls:
2Excel Aviation Ltd
William Oxford
07801 473231
Airborne Demonstration2Excel offers an agile and cost effective service employing our unique suite of ‘plug-and-play’ capabilities. Our fleet includes a helicopter (EC-135), twin-engine fixed wing (King Air, PA-31) and large jet (727, 737). The team is comprised of both experienced Test Pilots and Operational Test and Evaluation pilots and engineers. Utilising 2Excel’s comprehensive list of approvals our aircraft modifications are designed, manufactured and installed (in house). We have experience in a wide variety of airborne systems including radar, electro-optic, laser, infrared and radio-frequency systems. We also have an in-house remote sensing team, 2Excel geo.
AVS Added Value Solutions UK Ltd
Alberto Garbayo
Business Development Manager
01235 567095
Mechanisms, optics, thermal & structural modellingAVS conceives and develops unique mechanisms, instruments and robotics for space and science applications.
We are experienced in opto-mechatronics, optics assembly and integration, thermal and structural analysis, and high precision motion systems.
Relevant examples of previous AVS projects include:
• The Filter Wheel Positioning Mechanism for a Wide Angle Camera on the JUICE mission
• Opto-mechanical design of the MarcoPolo-R camera system
• Development of the scanning mirror mechanism of the UVAS instrument, as well as the nadir and sun shutters for SEOSAT.
Loxham Precision Limited
Paul Shore
07825 842916
01234 754260
Ultra precision diamond machining of complex geometry space componentsLoxham offers ultra precision machining services for complex shape component fabrication using our own created ultra precision machine tools.

We have expertise in diamond machining a wide range of materials and space components including those produced by additive manufacturing.