Previous Training Workshops

What makes a good proposal for a Space Mission (September 2015)

The workshop introduced the participants to experienced mission leaders in the EO community (science, technology and project) and provided a briefing on the ESA Earth Explorer 9 Call (EE9) and an opportunity to discuss potential mission proposals.

Passive Microwave Remote Sensing Training Workshop (November 2012)

The workshop introduced the techniques and science of passive microwave sensing and described the technologies that are used. It also included a visit to the microwave facilities in RAL so that participants gained an understanding of the complexity and challenges of building instrument operating at GHz frequencies.

SAR Technology and it’s Applications Training Workshop (November 2011)

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is a major technique for EO of increasing in importance in the UK. Keynote speakers included Shaun Quegan from the University of Sheffield, Thuy le Toan (CESBIO, Toulouse), also David Hall and Martin Cohen from Astrium. These speakers have experience of designing SAR systems and and utilising the data to investigate key problems in Earth Observation.

Designing and Delivering an EO Instrument Concept Training (March 2010)

The workshop built on the highly successful first CEOI training workshop and was particularly timely given the call for Earth Explorer 8 missions. It included talks on the challenges of designing world class instruments and the trade-offs, presentations from experts on some key instrument techniques and working sessions where participants could become familiar with issues on designing instruments and ensuring that they could achieve best scientific and payload value.

Leading a Successful Space Project Training Workshop (June 2008)

The aim of the workshop was to provide training in the critical skills required to lead a successful space project, as part of the CEOI objective to rejuvenate UK leadership in EO instrumentation and missions