EE10 Mission Candidate Workshop

(Image: Credit ESA).

This joint CEOI / NCEO Workshop looked to identify potential future UK activities related to the three candidate ESA Earth Explorer 10 missions. It was held on Friday 14th December 2018 at Imperial College, London. In the workshop the Principal Investigators of the three missions (Stereoid, G-CLASS, Daedalus) now entering pre-feasibility phase and competing to be the 10th ESA Explorer mission will present their missions, highlighting areas for science and technology activities. The workshop aims to foster collaborations between UK industry and academia in preparation of the up-coming ESA Phase-0 studies.

The presentations from the workshop are now available:

Introduction to Workshop and the Earth Explorer 10 Process (Mick Johnson and Alessandro Battaglia, CEOI)

G-CLASS:H2O – A mission to make observations of diurnal water cycle processes (Prof. Steve Hobbs, University of Cranfield)

STEREOID – A mission to measure small shifts in the ocean surface, in glaciers and in Earth’s surface (Prof P. Lopez Dekker, TU Delft)

DAEDALUS – A mission to quantify amounts of energy deposited in the upper atmosphere (Dr Mark Clilverd, British Antarctic Survey)