Partnership Opportunities for CEOI 11th EO Call

To encourage bids from new partnerships, the following organisations would like to be considered as a potential partner to entities considering applying into the CEOI 11th EO Technology Call.  Please contact the organisations directly.

Organisation and

Contact Information

Title of Project / Capability / Area of Interest Capabilities Offered
Bluesky International Limited

James Eddy

Technical Director

Tel: 01530 518518

Airborne Demonstration Bluesky is a UK based aerial survey company and we are able to offer partners airborne demonstration platforms (twin engine piloted aircraft). We can provide aircraft in both the UK and the US, where airborne testing is less restrictive. Our aircraft have survey hatches for mounting of instruments and we can facilitate and assist installation and integration.
isardSAT Ltd

Chandra Taposeea

R&D Scientific/Technical Manager

Tel: +44 (0) 1483 68 5584

Calibration of Instruments We are experts in altimetry, passive microwave and SAR imaging. We have extensive experience working with ESA, and are acknowledged as an Expert Support Laboratory of the L1 processing ESA satellites altimeters.

We are interested in aiding with calibration of instruments, having current experience with CryoSat, Sentinel-3 and (prototype) Sentinel-6.

As an SME, we have much experience to offer, including being a part of many successful funding calls (ESA, FP7, H2020, etc…). Although not mechanical, the calibration of instruments is a crucial part to any mission and we would be happy to share our expertise in a consortium.

Beck Optronic Solutions Limited

Ian Brock

Sales and Marketing Director

Tel: 07720 0369659

Optical Systems for Space Applications Optical Design, Opto-Mechanical Design, FEA, Optical System manufacture and test.

BOS has considerable experience in the supply of optical systems for space applications and has worked on many projects including the SSTL Wide Swath DMC MSI, Rurtherford Appleton’s RAL-Cam-3, the ESA Venus Express and Ghalam’s KazSTAT

TTP plc (The Technology Partnership)

Ed Bean

Tel: 01763262626

 Experienced Technology Development Partner TTP are a technology development consultancy with a track-record in the design and manufacture of instrumentation systems. TTP develop such systems in partnership with organisations ranging from start-ups and university departments to large multi-nationals and government organisations. TTP would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with interested parties, including contributions to the concept generation and bidding phase. TTP’s multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers can support the full technology development process with capabilities that include: design, analysis, simulation, prototyping, manufacture, testing, and certification across a broad set of disciplines such as mechanical, thermal, electrical, optical, RF, software, control systems, sensors and MEMS. TTP can bring their experience of working on cutting edge technology development across many industries, including aerospace and satellite communications.
Faraday Scientific Ltd

Dr Robin Devonshire

Director of Business Development & Strategy

Tel: 0776 418 7380

Scientific Instrumentation Scientific instrumentation particularly for spectroscopic, imaging and spectral imaging applications. Core expertise is software development; ≈25 UK & international clients ranging from multinationals to micro-SMEs; development team has >110 person years’ experience; three directors are PhD chemical physicists (gas phase and surface spectroscopies). Developing own spectral imaging software-hardware systems. Experience of wide range of communication protocols, languages, and OS, of developing and maintaining strictly regulated CEMS systems, and of algorithm and GUI development. Collaborator in EU programmes. Remote working with client / partner development teams is routine as is communication with remotely located instruments for fault diagnosis and data transfer.
Surrey Space Centre

Prof G. Aglietti

Space Centre Director

Tel: +44( 0)1483 683417

The Surrey Space Centre has the capability to deliver full space missions through the entire project lifecycle including every key stage from concept to on orbit and end of life activities. We have project and consortium management experience, launch procurement and regulatory experience, ground station capability, in house environmental test facilities (including vibe EMC & TVAC), design, build and test. The SSC has its own labs and dedicated clean room.

We also engage in small engineering projects that take novel concepts (payloads or subsystems) through the various TRL levels and can provide consultancy services on most space engineering topics.

Craft Prospect Ltd

Steve Greenland

Tel: 075 88 888 146

Small Space Systems, Onboard Autonomy, Data Processing, Deep Learning Craft Prospect can support space systems development, drawing on the team’s experience leading and delivering small satellite projects. Previously CPL has led a CEOI-funded project to prototype solutions for onboard autonomy aligned to international standards, and interfaced with existing off-the-shelf software and flight representative hardware. We can use this applied knowledge and experience to support projects with data intensive onboard requirements, or to deliver more responsive operations. Examples might include autoencoding for data compression, or real-time target identification to enhance overall mission return.

Frauke Diehl

Business Development Manager

Tel: +44 (0)117 916 5220

 EO Payload Instrument Software and Optimisation  To offer value to commercial missions SCISYS is developing a software product that increases the quality or relevance of data captured by EO payloads. Our aim is to partner with instrument manufacturers to together successfully compete on the global stage. Our software (TRL5) includes optimised sensor operation and scheduling achieved with machine learning to allow a payload to:

  • Deliver real-time onboard detection of items for prioritised downlink (e.g. wildfires)
  • Automate competitive scheduling of targets, either for a single, multi-platforms or mega-constellations
  • Auto-schedule repeat collects
  • Autonomously respond to uplinked emerging events (such as natural disasters) using a whole-constellation collective tasking model
Carbomap Ltd

Prof Iain H Woodhouse

Professor of Applied Earth Observation

The University of Edinburgh

CEO, Carbomap

Tel: +44-131 650 2527

Mob: +44 7887 551 724

Lidar and SAR data processing/interpretation.


– Real time processing of 3D environmental data

– Full waveform lidar data processing and interpretation

– Interpretation and analysis of SAR for land cover applications.

– 3D rendering and visualisation.

NERC Airborne Research Facility

Rod Arnold

Head of NERC ARF

Tel: 01223 221500

Airborne Demonstration

The NERC Airborne Research Facility (ARF) is a facility wholly within NERC. It uses NERC owned aircraft of which two Twin Otters and a Dash 7 have survey modification (i.e. survey hatch or hatches and hard points). The Twin Otters are twin-engine aircraft and have been used to fly ASIRAS (for Cryosat) and GHOST. The Dash 7 is a pressurised four engine aircraft with a pressure box to allow instruments to be operated at high altitude (up to 20 000ft) while retaining an unobstructed view of the ground for the instruments. These aircraft could operate world-wide (depending on other commitments).

AB5 Consulting

Gabriella Cursoli

Tel: +44 (0)20 8997 2987

SME specialised in satellite/space/communication activities and based in London Innovative solutions in high technology sectors, such as satellite, space, communications, defence, energy, dangerous goods, transport.

Feasibility studies, system engineering, data management, standards and regulations, programme and project management, strategy, marketing and communication solutions are offered to companies, government bodies and international organisations.The company also develops its own projects and collaborate with satellite and space companies.

AB5 Consulting is currently involved in the ESA Mega Constellations as enablers for new services and application opportunities project.

XCAM Limited

Abigail Shaylor

Sales Support Engineer

Tel: +44 1604 673 700

 Design and manufacture of CCD- and CMOS-based imaging systems for science, space and industry XCAM design and manufacture custom CCD- and CMOS-based camera systems for science, space and industry.

We developed C3D, a miniature satellite imaging payload, for the UK Space Agency’s UKube-1 and AlSat Nano cubesat missions. C3D has 100% successful flight heritage and can be customised to cater for individual imaging requirements and applications.

XCAM have a tradition of collaborative design having successfully developed camera systems for many prestigious organisations. As an example, we are currently collaborating on an Innovate UK funded project, CASPA, helping to develop the world’s first cold atom cubesat instrument; XCAM are developing the imager and experiment controller.

DLOptics Ltd

Dan Lobb

Tel: 01689 824846

Mobile: 07845 668581

 Optical Systems Design and Analysis DLOptics offers design and analysis of optics for space, including:

  • radiometric analysis,
  • detailed optical design and specification
  • tolerancing
  • stray light analysis
  • calibration systems

Dan Lobb has extensive experience in design of telescopes, multi-spectral and hyperspectral instruments, with a strong reputation for innovation.

National Physical Laboratory

Andy Grey

Strategic Business Development Manager

Tel: 0208 943 6326

National Science and Technology Institute NPL collaborates with people around the world looking to use technology to explore the Universe, monitor the Earth or communicate globally.

For over 40 years, NPL has worked with space companies and agencies, providing innovation in measurement research, technology and services. We draw upon our world-class calibration facilities, in-house space technologies, innovative engineered solutions and breakthrough scientific expertise.

Our sectors include Space, Advanced Manufacturing, Energy, Environment, Life Sciences, Medical Technologies and Digital; with an emphasis on EO sensor calibration, but upstream technology & calibration systems together with downstream Cal/Val, QA activities, data exploitation and value added service development.

2Excel Aviation Ltd

William Oxford

Head of Remote Sensing

Tel: 07801 473231

 Airborne Test and Evaluation/Remote Sensing 2Excel is an aviation innovation company. 2Excel delivers specialised modifications from the conceptual stage through design, manufacture, installation, test and certification of bespoke modifications to any of its own or its customers’ aircraft (EASA.21J.0321, UK.21G.2675, Part 145 MRO, Part 21J). We have integrated a number of remote sensing instruments onto our flying laboratory platforms; our proven process and in-house capabilities reduce the risk and cost of increasing TRL of EO technologies. Our Remote Sensing Team additionally offer data processing and analysis expertise.