Science Workshops

Challenge Workshop on Polar Observing, November 2016
This meeting was run jointly by Airbus, British Antarctic Survey and CEOI. It drew together leading actors from the UK scientific, policy and operational user communities, and from the UK’s infrastructure development community, to provide guidance to the UK Space Agency.  Its aims were to:
  • Elaborate the importance of polar observations from space to science, policy & operations.
  • Assess the gaps in current observations and the opportunities for complementary observations.
  • Confirm the capabilities and interests in UK for the participation in the development & exploitation of polar observations under the ESA programme.

Challenge Workshop on Future Science for EO - Needs and Missions, March 2015

CEOI-ST held its challenge workshop to look at "Future Science for EO - Needs and Missions", on the 31st March 2015 at College Court, in Leicester.

The workshop looked at future science needs for Earth Observation, the technology needs for ESA Earth Explorer 9 and other Science-driven Missions and developed an understanding of how CEOI-ST can further support science-driven EO missions.

Affordable Space Challenge Workshop, October 2014

The CEOI-ST held a Challenge Workshop on “Affordable Space” on Thursday 16th October in Bristol.  The workshop explored the technology needs and cost drivers for EO missions in the context of recognising the range of ESA and national missions that can be enabled by reducing cost.

Emerging Technologies Challenge Workshop, April 2014

The 3rd Emerging Technologies Challenge Workshop was held over the 2 day period 30th April to 1st May 2014 at College Court, Leicester.

The workshop explored scientific and commercial EO measurement challenges, and presented new sensor and instrumentation technology to the community to stimulate novel measurement concepts. The audience consisted of EO scientists, commercial applications engineers and entrepreneurs, and technologists from academia and industry and examined all EO measurement domains.

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CEOI Technology Strategy Workshop, July 2013

This round-table workshop was held in central London on Wednesday 10th July 2013 at Regents College. Its input was the technology roadmaps and the indicative missions discussed at a recent CEOI Future Missions Challenge Workshop. The workshop considered how CEOI projects can move to exploitation, and the options and priorities for investment of the £2-3m funding likely to be available to the CEOI programme over the next 2-3 years.

Arctic Polar Region Challenge Workshop, June 2013

The CEOI Workshop on ‘Challenges for Exploitation of the Arctic Polar Region’ was held on 25th June 2013 at the Satellite Applications Catapult in Harwell. The workshop considered the opportunities and challenges, together with the implications for future space missions of this important potential market area.

Future Missions Challenge Workshop, June 2013

The CEOI Challenge Workshop held on Friday 7th June 2013 surveyed UK mission ideas and invited experts to comment on mission selection, promotion and opportunities in the near term.

Future Platforms for Earth Observation, February 2013

The CEOI held a Challenge workshop to explore the potential of a range of future platforms for Earth observation on February 28th 2013 at the University of Leicester to work with the community to identify future platform needs and utility. The workshop considered EO and remote sensing from balloons, high altitude platforms, airborne demonstrators, sounding rockets, techdemo-SAT/CAT-SAT type platforms and the international space station. Active participation from the community was encouraged in order to provide future direction.