Previous Conferences

NCEO & CEOI 2019 Annual Conference (September 2019)

The CEOI teamed up with The National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) for an Earth Observation (EO) science, missions and technology conference.

We invited abstract submissions – on science, missions and/or technology – for talks, posters, demonstrations and exhibits.

The UK National Earth Observation Conference 2018: Earth observation into the future (September 2018)

Organised by RSPSoc, NCEO and CEOI. The conference focused around Earth Observation science, technology and applications Into the Future.


NCEO/CEOI Joint Science Conference 2017 (June 2017)

This conference took place at the University of Bath and showcased the latest science results and technological innovations in Earth Observation. Talks covered the science and technologies of current and future EO missions, with guest speakers from NASA JPL, ESA and UKSA. Topics discussed included:

– The Energy and Water Cycle
– Environmental Hazards
– Data Assimilation and Models
– Climate and Long-term Datasets
– Land-Atmosphere Interactions
– Ocean and Ice
– The Carbon Cycle
– Working with Industry and Governments
– Facilities, Technologies and Tools

NCEO/CEOI Joint Science Conference 2014 (June 2014)

The conference had inter-disciplinary NCEO/CEOI-ST plenary sessions, which included talks from science, technology and applications perspectives.  There was a strongly themed programme with sessions on:

– Plants from space (Both ocean and terrestrial systems)
– Current Missions and Data
– Future Missions, including ESA Earth Explorer
– Climate and other Datasets from Space
– Science from the ESA Data Assimilation Projects
– Missions and Technologies for future Earth Explorer missions
– Ground based and airborne remote sensing
– Atmospheric Composition and its Influences

NECO/CEOI Joint Science Conference 2012 (September 2012)

NECO/CEOI Joint Science Conference 2011 (September 2011)

Developments in technology enable new kinds of observations of Earth from space, which lead to new scientific insights into how our planet works as a complex system. Major advances are likely to require an appreciation of the whole spectrum of EO activities, comprising technological developments, fundamental science and applications. This is why NCEO and the CEOI joined forces for this first joint annual conference

National EO Conference ‘Earth Observation in the Sentinel Era’ (September 2015)

The theme for this conference was ‘Earth Observation in the Sentinel Era’.  A remarkable year in Earth Observation history with two of the Sentinel satellites (1 and 2) already in orbit and Sentinel 3 planned for launch, putting in place significant components of the Copernicus Programme.