The UK National Earth Observation Conference 2018

Earth Observation into the future 

Organised by RSPSoc, NCEO and CEOI.  4-7 September 2018, Birmingham University

The conference focused around Earth Observation science, technology and applications Into the Future.   The programme included exhibitions and poster sessions, a school conference, plus plenary and parallel sessions.

Abstract Booklet

Keynote Speech: Earth Observation at ESA ​in the Coming DecadesJosef Aschbacher, Director of Earth Observation Programmes, ESA
The future of UK Earth Observation: Maximising the potential for economy, science and society.Beth Greenaway, Head of Earth Observations and Climate, UK Space AgencyPlenary 3
SPIDER Proof of Concept CampaignMunro, Yvonne; Martinez, Jose MarquezSession 2C: Technology for Earth Observation
The Compact Infrared Imager and Radiometer (CIIR)Evans, Rory Jacob; Calcutt, Simon; Bowles, NeilSession 2C: Technology for Earth Observation
MAGiGAN: multi-view and deep learning based super-resolution restoration for targeted and global applications Tao, Yu; Muller, Jan-PeterSession 2C: Technology for Earth Observation
Hyper Spectral Microwave Sounder (HyMS): Preliminary test resultsHenry, Manju; Auriacombe, Olivier; Parow-Souchon, Kai; Ellison, Brian; Parkes, Steve; Charlton, Janet; Brownsword...Session 2C: Technology for Earth Observation
Trade-Off Study for High Spectral, High Resolution Thermal Infrared Mission for Surface Applications Smith, Dave Lee; Hussain, Ali; Peters, Dan; Perry, Mike; Corlett, Gary; Ghent, DarrenSession 2C: Technology for Earth Observation
SEASTAR: a new mission concept for high-resolution imaging of ocean surface current and wind vectors from spaceMartin, Adrien; Gommenginger, Christine; Chapron, Bertrand; Quilfen, Yves; Marquez, Jose; Buck, ChrisSession 2C: Technology for Earth Observation
Real-time detection of clouds on high-resolution satellite videos using deep learningSidiropoulos, Panagiotis; Vazquez, EduardSession 2C: Technology for Earth Observation
NIMCAM: a new instrument concept for observing atmospheric methane from a CubeSat platformWoodwark, Jerome; Palmer, Paul; Weidmann, Damien; Lee, DavidSession 2C: Technology for Earth Observation
Observing global precipitation: status and future directionsChristopher Kidd, Alessandro Battaglia, Gail Skofronick-Jackson, George Huffman
WIVERN: A New Satellite Concept to Provide Global In-Cloud Winds, Precipitation and Cloud PropertiesAnthony John Illingworth, Alessandro Battaglia
Evaluation of a discrete-wavelength DOAS-like NO2 retrieval approach for the High-resolution Anthropogenic Pollution Imager (HAPI) instrument conceptRuiz Villena, Cristina; Leigh, Roland; Monks, Paul; Parfitt, Claire E.; Vande Hey, Joshua
Progress in delivering the BIOMASS mission Quegan, Shaun
The Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer (CIMR): Concepts and Applications for a proposed Sentinel Expansion Mission Merchant, Christopher J.; Donlon, Craig J.; Laberinti, Paolo G. E.; Vanin, Felice
Demonstrating multi-view spectroscopy for greenhouse gas remote sensing using the GHOST airborne spectrometerHumpage, Neil; Boesch, Hartmut; Palmer, Paul; Vick, Andy; Samara-Ratna, Piyal; Parr-Burman, Phil; Lodge, Alex; Bishop...Poster Session 1: CEOI Elevator Pitch
Rapid-Revisit Small Satellite ConstellationsBird, Rachel; Saunders, ChrisPoster Session 1: CEOI Elevator Pitch
Scanning Compressive Sensing for EO Oi, Daniel; Jeffers, John; Roga, Wojciech; Griffin, PaulPoster Session 1: CEOI Elevator Pitch
Agri-LIDAR to support crop and economic growth in the UKWestern, Joshua; Bacon, AndrewPoster Session 1: CEOI Elevator Pitch
Coherent GNSS Reflectometry for Altimetry over Ice and Land CGRAILUnwin, Martin JohnPoster Session 1: CEOI Elevator Pitch
UVSAT - A low-cost UV-VIS CubeSat for air quality assessmentsFrey, Anja; Garbayo, Alberto; Marais, EloisePoster Session 1: CEOI Elevator Pitch
A Novel Multi Angle Polarimeter for Retrieval of Aerosol Properties from OrbitTownend, Martin; Spilling, David; Bowman, Portia; Vande Hey, JoshuaPoster Session 1: CEOI Elevator Pitch
A new TDI CMOS image sensor for Earth ObservationPratlong, Jerome; Jerram, PaulPoster Session 1: CEOI Elevator Pitch
The ESA Earth Explorer 10 Candidate Mission LOCUSGerber, Daniel; Ellison, Brian; Huggard, Peter; Valavanis, Alexander; Linfield, Edmund; Davies, A. Giles; Savini...Poster Session 1: CEOI Elevator Pitch
GRaCE: A G-band Radar for Cloud EvaluationWang, Hui; Rumi, Emal; Reeves, Richard; Oldfield, Matthew L.; Huggard, Peter G.; Froud, Stuart; Albers, Roland; Walker...Poster Session 1: CEOI Elevator Pitch
A novel approach to passive microwave radiometry applying the emerging technique of sub-millimetre-precision satellite formation flightSugihara El Maghraby, Ahmed Kiyoshi; Grubisic, Angelo; Colombo, Camilla; Tatnall, AdrianPoster Session 1: CEOI Elevator Pitch
PBGeoSAR: a low-cost geosynchronous radar mission conceptHobbs, Stephen Edward; Convenevole, Carlo; Gashinova, Marina; Cassidy, Scott; Cherniakov, MikhailPoster Session 1: CEOI Elevator Pitch
Advances in Frequency Selective Surface Technology for Future Space Science MissionsDickie, Raymond; Cahill, RobertPoster Session 1: CEOI Elevator Pitch
Deployment of a greehouse gases laser heterodyne radiometer (LHR) for the FRM4GHG ESA campaignMacLeod, Neil; Bredin, Jerome; Weidmann, DamienPoster Session 1: CEOI Elevator Pitch
The OmniSat HAPI Mission Concept and Demonstrator for Low Cost High Resolution NO2 Imaging Vande Hey, Josh; Ruiz Villena, Cristina; Leigh, Roland; Monks, Paul; Samara-Ratna, Piyal; Lodge, Alex; Thomas...Poster Session 1
Development of Ka-band Radar Interferometric Duplexer for the SWOT MissionLi, ShuQi; Bee, Christophopher; McLaren, ColinPoster Session 1
Traceable Radiometry Underpinning Terrestrial- and Helio- Studies (TRUTHS): Enabling a Space based Climate-Calibration Hyperspectral ObservatoryFox, Nigel Paul; Green, PaulPoster Session 1
MISRlite - a convoy mission for Sentinel-3 for vertical updraft measurement of convective systems and preliminary results from AirMISRliteMuller, Jan-Peter; Walton, David; Tao, Yu; Cole, Richard; Haathi, Brijen; Rosenfeld, Daniel; Stoffelen, Ad; van...Poster Session 1
Demonstration of GNSS Reflectometry For Ocean Winds Service on TDS-1Unwin, Martin JohnPoster Session 1
A Wideband SpectrometerParkes, Steve; Dunstan, Martin; Scott, Pete; Dillon, David; Spark, Alan; Ellison, Brian; Auriacombe, OlivierPoster Session 1
G-CLASS: an ESA Earth Explorer mission candidate Hobbs, Stephen Edward; Monti Guarnieri, Andrea; Wadge, Geoff; Broquetas, Antoni
Sentinel-3A PLRM Waveform Re-tracking using ALES Dayoub, Nadim; Gommenginger, Christine; Banks, Chris; Byfield, Val; Snaith, Helen; Cipollini, Paolo; Shaw, AndrewPoster Session 1
Geosynchronous SAR Mission System Performance Estimation MethodologyConvenevole, Carlo; Hobbs, Stephen E.Poster Session 1
Utalizing the PocketQube Satellite Format for Niche MissionsPaliwoda, Andrew; Walkinshaw, Tom; Thomas,
NightLights - Applications of Global Night ImageryConstantinides, Dr Constantin; Walkinshaw, Tom; Soubiraa, Gérald; Paliwoda, Andrew