Leading a Successful Space Project Training Workshop, June 2008

The first CEOI Training Workshop in Leading a Successful Space Project was held on Tuesday 3rd June 2008, Kings College London.

The aim of the workshop is to provide training in the critical skills required to lead a successful space project, as part of the CEOI objective to rejuvenate UK leadership in EO instrumentation and missions.


Workshop Introduction (Mick Johnson, CEOI/Astrium)

Making a successful PI proposal (Duncan Wingham, UCL)

The ESA mission assessment process (Shaun Quegan, University of Sheffield)

Future ESA mission opportunities (Maria Adams, BNSC/NERC)

Proving the concept (Justin Byrne, Astrium)

Routes to ESA Funding (Rob Scott, CEOI/QinetiQ)

Interacting with the media (Jeremy Close, Astrium)


In holding this workshop, the CEOI objectives are to:

-        introduce the participants to experienced mission leaders in the EO community (science, technology and project)

-        provide training in the techniques (hard and soft) required for proposing, winning and delivering successful space-based EO missions.

-        bring together experienced and trainee EO scientists and technologists to form UK networks for the future.

Intended Audience

-        Potential PIs, technologist and instrumentalists as leaders of future UK EO mission/instrument teams.

-        PDRAs and PhDs in Earth Observation

-        Recent graduates entries (degree +up to 4 years) into space industry


-        Single day event (10.00 – 17.30 approx)

-        Workshop style, with mixture of formal presentations and working sessions (individual and/or group)

Speakers and Contributors

-        Duncan Wingham – Cryosat experience (x2)

-        Experienced EO Mission Proposers

-        Industry Project Managers (Astrium, QinetiQ, RAL)