Joint NCEO/CEOI Conference on EO Science, Missions and Technology

Conference registration is now open!  It is free to attend and registration is very easy – do it now via Eventbrite. Please click here to register.

The Conference Programme is available to view here.

The joint NCEO/CEOI Conference on EO Science, Missions and Technology will be taking place as an e-conference using Adobe Connect on Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th June.  All those who register will receive the full agenda when finalised and details on how to join the conference.  Here is the outline agenda:

Day 1:  Wednesday 24 June, 2020

Session 1 – NCEO Plenary and Parallel Sessions: 

09:30     Welcome and Introduction

NCEO Plenary Session I

NCEO Parallel Sessions:
– Data assimilation and uses
– New EO science missions and retrieval methods
– Global and regional processes and model evaluation

12:30     Lunch break

Session 2 – CEOI Plenary Session – EO Technologies

13:30     Keynote Speaker – Prof Kai Bongs, UK National Quantum

Technology Hub for Sensors and Metrology
– Quantum Technology for Future Gravity Mission

Technology Developments in Current CEOI Projects, including
– Optics and Infra Red Technologies
– Passive Microwave and Radar Technologies

16:30     Finish Day 1

Day 2:  Thursday 25 June, 2020

09:00     Session 3 – Joint NCEO/CEOI Plenary – EO Missions

  1. ESA Earth Explorer Programme (ESA Speaker TBC)
    – Update on current EE Missions led from UK
  2. EE11 Mission Ideas
    – Candidate Missions for EE11 Call
  3.  Other EO Missions
    – TRUTHS – An ESA EarthWatch Mission in Preparation
    – ESA Scout Missions
    – Other EO Missions and Payloads

12:30     Lunch Break

13:30     Session 4 – NCEO Plenary and Parallel Sessions: 

NCEO Plenary Session II

NCEO Parallel Sessions:
– Climate urgency:Climate data records, predictions and their
– Progress in EO science, infrastructure and applications
– Working internationally (ODA, GEO/CEOS, collaborations and
networks, “international” studies and publications)

16:30 Conference Ends

We hope you will be able to attend this conference – it will be a great opportunity to find out about recent advances in EO science, missions and technology.