Emerging Technologies for EO Conference – May 2019

The CEOI held a 2-day Emerging Technologies for Earth Observation Conference at Cosener’s House in Abingdon on 1st and 2nd May 2019. The goal of the meeting was to reveal and discuss new and emerging developments in EO instrumentation and mission concepts, and to examine how these developments will benefit the UK in terms of science, societal and commercial benefit.

The conference held sessions on:

  • New detectors and detector concepts
  • New on-board calibration techniques
  • EO payloads for small spacecraft – miniature high-performance instrumentation.
  • Instrument technology and mission architecture considerations for commercial missions
  • Recent advances in additive layer and other advanced manufacturing techniques for EO instrumentation
  • Advanced on-board image processing concepts for imaging missions, such as super-resolution and AI/deep learning
  • Latest developments in LIDAR for EO
  • New techniques and future concepts – more left-field/exotic techniques from around the laboratories.
  • New mission opportunities

Please click on links below to see presentations from both days:

Day 1 – 1st May 2019

Subject/ ActivitySpeakerOrganisation
Session 1: Welcome and Introduction
Welcome to the CEOI Emerging Technologies Challenge WorkshopMick JohnsonCEOI
Session 2: CEOI Technology in Missions
HAPS in the Global EO System (TBC)Dai Stanton (TBC)Airbus
New EO Imaging Mission Concepts (TBC)Andrew HaslehurstSSTL
Session 3: Miniature & Deployable Systems
Photonics Integration Technologies for Small EO PlatformsDamien WeidmannSTFC RAL Space
HighRes: Laboratory Validation of a Deployable CubeSat Concept for High-Resolution EONoah Schwartz & 7 co-AuthorsSTFC UKATC & RAL Space
The Faraday IOD/Early Service Programme - An Ultra-Low Cost Commercial Service Providing Access To SpaceDoug LiddleIn-Space Missions Ltd
Supersharp - A Light Weight Unfolding Telescope for High Definition EOIan ParryInstitute of Astronomy
Session 4: Plans and Strategy
Funding and Impact of Space UKDaniel CarewSeraphim
UKSA Plans for EOBeth GreenawayUKSA
UKSA/CEOI Strategy for EO Instrumentation TechnologyMick JohnsonCEOI
TRUTHS in the Earth Watch context – a proposal by UKSABeth GreenawayUKSA
Session 5: LIDAR (Revisited)
Developments in Single-Photon LidarGerald BullerHeriot Watt
Software Defined Multifunction LIDARPeter KeightleyQinetiQ
Earth Observation Science with LIDARSteven HancockUniversity of Edinburgh

Day 2 – 2nd May 2019

Subject/ ActivitySpeakerOrganisation
ESA Perspectives on EO TechnologyMassimiliano PastenaESA
Session 7: Innovative Microwave & Radar Developments
High Resolution Millimetre-Wave Passive & Active ImagingBrian EllisonSTFC RAL Space
Current & Imminent Developments in Microwave EO ApplicationsPeter Hargrave University of Cardiff
Session 8: Technologies for Calibration
Advances in Infrared Calibration TechniquesDan PetersSTFC RAL Space
Session 9: Advanced Data Processing
Distributed Edge & Cloud Processing for EO & Implications for Future Missions and ApplicationsOwen HawkinsEarth-i
Cloud Detection Using Deep Learning on GPUs for Landsat 8Alistair FrancisUniversity College London
Super-Resolution & 3D ReconstructionJan-Peter MullerUniversity College London
Session 10: Detectors
New Optical DetectorsCharles WoffindenTeledyne-e2v
New High-Performance Infrared Detectors for SpaceHarald WellerLeonardo MW Ltd
Session 11: Advanced Manufacturing Techniques
Additive manufacturing of mirror components for spaceCarolyn Atkins + 15 co-authorsSTFC UKATC
Deployable Optics and ALMGuglielmo AgliettiSurrey Space Centre
Laser Fabrication, Sensors and Instrumentation for Earth ObservationJames MorrisFraunhofer CAP
Session 12: New Techniques and Future Trends
Large-Area Metasurface Lenses Operating in the Near-InfraredMitchell KenneyUniversity of Glasgow
Cold Atom Interferometry - Towards a new Gravity Sensing TechnologyStephen MaddoxTeledyne e2v